RST 2101 Tractech Evo III 3 Sport CE Motorcycle Race Boots Latest Release Black

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Designed for comfort and safety, the TracTech Evo III has been developed with countless hours on the road and track! 

With the proven fit of its predecessor and huge upgrade in spec, the TracTech Evo III massively over delivers in all areas. 

The new hard wearing sole is bonded to the 360 heel cockpit, this in-turn is attached to the rear ankle support structure preventing over flexion and extension of the ankle.

The redesigned shin plate offers increased protection from impacts, as does the enlarged toe-box. 

The attention to detail even stretches to different sized shift pads dependant on the boot size. 

For a boot that offers supreme protection and day long comfort look no further than the TracTech Evo III.


Features of the RST TracTech Evo III sport CE boot include -

Microtech construction

CE Certified 13634


TPU Shin Protector

TPU Heel cockpit

Hinged ankle support

Calf expansion panel

Hard wearing shift pad

Anti-slip multi-density sole

Nylon shank

Anti-twist mid sole