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Ixon Airbag Air Bag Vest GPS Wireless IN&MOTION Technology Back Protector

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The InEmotion air bag system is integrated in an Ixon vest including a certified back protector that can be worn under the motorcycle leather , textile jacket or one piece suit. A vest with Ixon standards: lightweight, breathable, perfectly adapted to the needs of bikers, whatever their morphology.

Compatible with any jacket*

Worn under the jacket



No sensors on the bike

*Jackets certified for motorcycle or scooter use and meeting sizing requirements


Extremely fast detection and inflation <55ms

CE certified

Integrated CE back protector

5 stars SRA

20H autonomy

Intelligent and upgradeable technology

**Medium value measured on various crash scenarios


No cable, no sensor on the bike. The airbag deploys in less than 60 milliseconds as soon as sensors and the In & box algorithm, the system's brain, detect a critical situation. The data generated by the In & box is analyzed by the In & motion teams who continuously optimize the system. Thanks to this, you always have the best level of protection.

Easy to use : wireless

Electronic detection system

Embedded algorithms


Light (1.3kg/2.9Lb)

Stretch fabric allowing an optimum adjustment

Ergonomic design

5 sizes proposed : from S to 2XL

Breathable 3D Mesh inside

Easy to use : wireless

Start it wear it forget it!

Protects thorax, abdomen, spine, and neck.


The In&motion airbag system is integrated in the Ixon vest IX-Airbag U03

DETECT: Thanks to embedded algorithms the smart In&box system analyses the biker?s moves 1000 times a second to DETECT a fall.

PROTECT: In less than 55ms, the airbag cushion is inflated to PROTECT the most sensitive body areas

PERFECT : The In&motion software collects all data to constantly improve and offer an even better and customized protection

During the 3 Year development period in competition, the airbag system has been worn and tested by the best world riders in MotoGP?, EWC (24h of Le Mans & Bol d?Or),

BSB and French Superbike; Today the product is approved by IRTA (International Road Racing Team Association).

A larger second phase focused on 500 users: consumers, journalists and dealers were selected during the Airbag Revolution campaign.

Since May 2017, more than 1 million kilometers have been ridden across Europe, in very varying conditions.


The vest itself is £379.95 but also requires a subscription via INEMOTION - More info on

The subscription for the brain of the system - ?12/month or ?399 outright

The subscription options includes all updates free of charge as the algorithams continue to develop and additional warranty


S - 40-42" Chest

M - 42-44" Chest

L - 44-46" Chest

XL - 46-48" Chest

2XL - 48-50" Chest

£379.99 of the total you pay buys you the airbag vest itself including one gas canister already installed in the system - The 'brain' is supplied by in&motion (although it is included with the item) and requires a subscription similar to a mobile phone. This subscription includes ALL updates for free as the algorithms continue to develop.

The vest itself is £379,99 and the 'brain' is £399.99 in addition to the airbag vest if you want to purchase it outright or 12 euro per month as a subscription. The subscription service will give you unlimited warranty and more importantly after 3 consecutive years of leasing you get the new generation version when available. You can cancel anytime should you decide to stop riding. If, after 3 years you find you would just prefer to purchase it outright then it is just 99 euros and its yours.

The In&box airbag box is free for 48 hours after you turn it on for the first time (no sign up or activation needed for this period).

The In&box is permanently activated through the product registration and the choice of your subscription on the website through a purchase (REGULAR outright purchase) or a leasing (REVOLUTION formula similar to a mobile phone contract).

A track subscription is also available for an extra 25 euros one off purchase.